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May 8, 2020/

Are you being sued by a collection agency? It probably won’t be long until your other creditors and debt collectors take you to court as well. So what do you do? Once you’ve been served with a collection suit, you must act quickly. Depending on the rules for court cases…

Need Help with a Private Student Loan?

May 8, 2020/

Banks and other financial institutions make private student loans, which are separate from federal student loans. Do you need help with a private student loan? If you have federal student loans, you have access to many different repayment plans and other alternatives – like deferment, forbearance, and cancellation options –…

Need Help with a Repossession?

May 8, 2020/

Do you need help with a repossession? Is a creditor threatening to take your car? Has a creditor repossessed your vehicle but is still demanding that you pay? Is a repossession showing up on your credit report? Financial Warranty is here to help! If your car loan lender repossesses your…

May 8, 2020/

Do you need help with a payday loan? If you need to get your hands on some cash, you might be thinking about getting a payday loan. Maybe you’ve got one already. While this kind of loan might seem like a great way to get money fast, you should know…

May 8, 2020/

Do you need help with a broken lease? Is your landlord demanding that you pay more rent than you owe? Is your landlord refusing to return your deposit? Is your broken lease showing up on your credit report? Financial Warranty is here to help! First, we need to figure out…

May 8, 2020/

It’s hard enough being in debt without receiving dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of harassing collection calls and collection letters. So what do you do when your creditors won’t stop calling you? The most important thing to remember is that your creditors have to follow the law – just like…

May 8, 2020/

What do Walmart, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Financial Warranty have in common? They don’t pay thousands of dollars a year to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While many people view the BBB as a consumer watchdog or even a government agency, it’s actually just a company like Yelp that charges a…

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