Need Help with a Broken Lease?

Do you need help with a broken lease? Is your landlord demanding that you pay more rent than you owe? Is your landlord refusing to return your deposit? Is your broken lease showing up on your credit report?

Financial Warranty is here to help! First, we need to figure out exactly who broke the lease. Did you break your lease or did your landlord? This can be difficult, but it’s an important distinction. If you willingly broke your lease without having a good reason then it can be more difficult for you to take care of the situation. If your landlord broke your lease, then, depending on your city or state, we might be able to help. In some cities and states, landlords have to have a really good reason to break a lease. They also have to comply with laws about when and how to inform a tenant.

Financial Warranty’s team of legal and financial professionals will go over your case and make sure that your rights – and money – are protected.